Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mothers Love.....

This is a repost... One night Traxx climbed in bed with me, the light was shining on his little face SOOO perfectly, it made me tear up. I laid hoping my kids know how much I love them. I ended up writing this story and illustrating it this afternoon (which because I am NOT an artist, took forever!!). DramaGirl got into the action contributing a pic of the most perfect platypus and a tag at the end..... it is so sweet and SPECIAL!!

I am giving this post to you again as a mothers day present. I wish I could print it for you all. Re-gift it to people with kids as much as you want. It may not be an award winning book, but it is sweet and came from a mommies heart. (little tip.... I'm the vixen....*wink*)

Deep in the forest, under big shady trees, a meeting was starting, the kind no one sees.

A Fox took charge and she silenced the crowd:

“We’ll all get our chance now, no need to be loud!”

“We’re here to find out, which mom loves the best!"

"Which animal mommy will beat ALL the rest?”

A polar bear rumbled, and wanted her turn, for HER love was the deepest, as all here should learn.

“I come from the land, of snow and of wind, the days are too long, but the nights never end. I can look to the sky and almost always will see, a dance of bright snowflakes performing for me. With each frozen jewel that will land on this Earth, well, I love my cubs TWICE that much since their birth!”

This number impressed even the head of the meeting, but the other mom’s knew, their love wasn’t fleeting. They mumbled and griped, and refused to be quiet, and then a Toucan flew over to add to the riot:

“I’m from the forest of hard daily rains, and sometimes it gets messy, sometimes it’s a pain, but we love our babies, colored bright like the sun, more than every single raindrop, YES, EVERY SINGLE ONE!”

Again there was gasping, that number WAS grand, but a cheeky mommy monkey would now take the stand:

“Well, everyone knows it’s bananas we crave, we eat TEN each day, and nary we save. Take every banana, and all of their trees, why, we’d give them ALL up just to hug our babies!!”

Mommy Fox looked over, to a small patch of ground, to see the odd creature that was making odd sounds:

“A platypus, HEY, well what do ya know?
I can’t wait to hear THIS, just give it a go!!”

The platypus smiled and waved to the crowd.
She stood on her hind legs and spoke VERY loud:

(I am in LOVE with DramaGirl's Platy, aren't you?)

“Yes, we look strange, I admit that is true, but no love is stronger, just let me tell you! We live in the water where mud swirls up, we dig and make homes there and never give up. For all of our fighting to survive every struggle, we’d do it forever just to raise our sweet little puggles.”

“Oh my," the Fox said! Well, who would have known? Baby plats are called puggles, until they are grown! And I must declare, you gave quite a show, while you talked about your baby with your face all aglow!”

“Glowing, who’s glowing? With THAT we are best!
Just let me speak up, I’ll pass every test!"

There flying high, Fox saw a sweet friend, and this little friend had a light on her end!

“Little, Mrs. Firefly, I bid you HELLO!!
It's your turn to speak now, so give it a GO!"

“We glow like the sun, twinkling bright with our love, that easily out shines, the stars shooting above!!”

Soon a mom grew impatient;
jumping straight to the front:

“Just stop all this nonsense, so I can finish my hunt!”

“Dear Tigress, yes, YES, please, share your story, a mothers love is so precious and deserves ALL the glory!”

“We hunt very often and teach our cubs to be strong, if we respect what is offered, we never go wrong. This great land is a gift, but our cubs are the treasure, the pride land is so vast, it can never be measured. To our cubs we pass down, all they see, they will own, another love so empowered, will NEVER be known.”

One shy little raccoon now waved her black paw:

“I don’t mean to intrude, but there’s something I saw.”

“Sweet Mommy Raccoon, yes, step up and we’ll chat, what did you see, and where were you at?”

“It’s in the small homes of a quaint little village; I stop there to eat, from their garbage I pillage. I look in the window each night and I see, a picture so touching it affects even me!”

“You’ll all come along, I will show you the way!"

"We’ll have the TRUE story by the end of the day!”

The animals all followed their smart little friend and wound up at a window down the street at the end. A mother was snuggled up, reading a book, with her sweet little babies, she shared loving looks. At the end of the story she tucked them in tight and kissed their cheeks softly and turned out the lights. She walked to the hallway, then peeped in again, just to tell them once more, how much she loved them.

The animals were touched, but not ONE could be sure, which mommy animal loved THEIR babies more.

They stood looking in, knowing one thing was clear;
they ALL missed their babies and wanted them near!

Some ran off quickly, and some took it slow...

After all, how fast could a mommy turtle go?

They went to their dens, to the nests or the shore, back home to their babies that each one adored. They told them THIS story and tucked them in tight. They kissed their cheeks softly, and turned out each light.

They took a few steps and then peeped in again, just to tell their sweet babies how much they loved them.

Now I’m reading this story so I can tell YOU, how much I adore everything that you do.

I’ll kiss your sweet cheek and turn out your light, pull up your blankets, and snuggle you tight!

I’ll tell you I love you and smile, but then, I’ll steal one more hug, while I tell you AGAIN!!

That is the story, and it should be the end!
But Mommy Fox's are tricky, so SHE peeps
BACK in!

I have something to tell you!
There is something to know!

This Mommy Fox WINS our little LOVE show!!!


As an added bonus, the PERFECT song for this post.....

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Marlene said...

Awww...that is beautiful! You are so talented! thank you for sharing! said...

This is the sweetest, most heartwarming story. The pictures are adorable too. Lucky mommy, lucky kids. Hugs! xoRobyn

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well that was really sweet of you!

mac said...

It was a sweet mommy wrote this :-)

Missed Periods said...

That was the sweetest. I love it.

Anonymous said...

That was so cute! You really have a knack for coming up with lovely stories and adventures for your kids. They really are blessed to have such a fun Momma like you! - G

faith said...

Aww, this is so cute! Mrs. Firefly's my favorite. :)

The Insomniac said...

That was the best story ever! You are very talented!!! I loved it! Thank you for sharing. Now I want to go call my mom! :-)

Anonymous said...

I know you know where your talent lies baby... please chase youe dreams and make them come true....

Slyde said...

i have a special christmas present, just for you.

i'd wrap it, but it might hurt...

CityMom2 said...

This is an AWESOME book! It should be published just the way it is. The writing is great of course but the illustrations are too! Especially the Platy.

Ryan said...

Very well done. I found your blog today and I like it a lot. In fact, I will hit the follow button right now.

Marvelous Minutia

The Invisible Seductress said...

Marlene-Well, you give me wonderful everyday on your site..;} I owe ya!!

RRG-Hugs right back...and thanks ;} love ya!

Alex-Anything 4 u! ;}

Mac-blush u think I'm sweet? gawrsh!

Missed- Thanks...I love writing...someday...bestseller??? giggle

Georgina- That just think I'm crazy now...;} hopefully I will be cool to them someday!!

Faith- Thanks!!! She glows ;} ....cutest bug eva'!!!!

Insomniac- Thanks *smiling a huge smile*

Sir- wish I had your faith in me!! ;} xoxo

Slyde- laughing....blush.....;}

City- Yes DramaGirl nailed the platy- she has do much fun and was so proud! gotta love it!! ;}

Ryan- Welcome to the insanity!!! BIG HUGS!!!!!!

Ca88andra said...

Thank you for such an awesome Christmas present! Please publish it!

the late phoenix said...

somewhere in Cartoonland, perry the platypus is smiling

beautiful beautiful writing

CityMom2 said...

I still think this is ready to print. The words are beautiful and the sentiment is so touching.
Loved it the first time. Still do.

busana muslim said...

I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks

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